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Welcome to Life's Stress Balls

Hey all, I’m Jackie…

My initial goal for building this website was to help people like you, who like myself have or are suffering from overwhelm of daily life. My sites started out as separate sites as hobbies which included stress relief and management, yoga, nursing information to relieve stress such as CEU information at your fingertips, reminders and information on burnout and how changing specialties can help with that, essential oils and health and wellness.

As you can see it is was too much but had some common themes.. Health, wellness and managing overwhelm. My wonderful hubby coined the phrase life’s stress balls as the name for my various techniques on these areas.

If you really think about it stress and overwhelm is a part of life for all of us. We may not all feel it the same and respond the same but it is there. So, this site is for you if you want to learn more about overcoming and avoiding overwhelm and bringing overall health and wellness to your life. If you that followed me and my nursing and other sites that information will still be here.. Just in a different format.

My Story

Through much of my teenage years and early twenties I suffered from panic attacks which prevented me from enjoying this time in my life. At the time I had no idea what panic attacks were, never mind that I was actually having them or why. To avoid the feelings I was having a kept to myself, always hid in the back and avoided crowded areas. I basically was not involved with life in general. This was a hard habit to break. Avoiding the outside world was not the answer. It caused me to gain weight and I have struggled with that for a lot of my life. These are challenges that I still face today. Throughout my journey I have tried so many things but it really takes a combination of techniques to control stress levels and feelings of overwhelm. My interests over the years have changed as I realized that. My taste in music, forms of exercise, and the types of yoga have changed, and continue to change as does my nutrition and my desire to try new recipes. Stress and chronic weight and health issues can affect people in a variety of ways but generally not in a positive way. Having an awesome community to support me has been a blessing. This community includes my support groups, workout and nutrition partners, essential oils partners and of course family and friends both online and offline.

With everything that I have learned through my own journey, I made the decision to share my experiences here and to combine this information to share with you all. I hope you will find some techniques that work for you throughout this site.

If I still have your attention I have written a little more on my personal story and you can find it here.


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