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Athleta is a Top Choice for Bikram Yoga Clothing

Athleta offers some of the best womens workout clothes on the market. Because the company offers such great choices in both yoga wear as well as swimwear, this brand becomes a very logical, practical and stylish choice for hot yoga clothes.

Hot yoga clothes have to look good, of course, but priority is given to the fabric. You just cannot tolerate 90 minutes wearing hot, drenched, clingy cotton.

So it’s all about the fabric. At Athleta that translates into “it’s all about the Pliayo.”

Pilayo is this company’s patented Supplex Nylon/Lycra Spandex blend that is moisture wicking, breathable and long-lasting. That’s what us bikram yogis need!

This popular brand also offers a wide range of coverage choices. Don’t feel comfortable in shorts? Try capris. Not up for belly exposure? Try a gorgeous wicking yoga tank.

I-Dig-Bikram-Yoga’s Quick Guide to Athleta’s Bikram Yoga Clothes

Ok, I’ll Show My Legs

Vata Short $39
Longer than your typical hot yoga shorts, and cuter too! A unique layered and flattering style in such fun, vibrant colors. Reviews rave about the luxurious feel of the fabric. They make you really want to try them on.
Kickbooty Yoga Short $34
It’s hard to make lycra shorts “flattering,” but somehow our featured company has done it. Reviews actually rave that these shorts make your butt look great – hence the name. They stay put and don’t ride up. Comfortable for those not wanting tiny short shorts – these are not too long, not too short.

Nah, I’ll Cover my Legs

True to their reputation of high quality, seams-in-all-the-right places designs, we have found a wonderful selection of flattering hot yoga capris. All in midweight, soft, stretchy, smooth feel Pilayo fabric. Which style to pick? It’s a toss up.

Chaturanga Yoga Knicker $49 Shortest, ends at knee. One seam runs along side of front.

Ananda Capri $59 A perfect choice for those wanting fitted, yet not tight, bikram yoga pants. Not fitted around calf so creates a flattering look for wider legged women. Several diagonal seams running along to backside.

Revelation Capri $79 Also several flattering diagonal seams, in contrasting stitch colors. The most athletic-looking of the 3 styles.

See all Athleta Yoga Capri Styles hereShow that Belly

Tempo Seamless Bra Top $46
Tempo Heather Seamless Bra $46

Super comfy favorite for smaller busted women (only up to size C cup.) Will wick and keep everything in place, even in Camel pose.

Cover the Belly

Ah, here is where Athleta for hot yoga really shines. A huge assortment of really cute, really supportive, fitted and loose yoga tops…many with built-in bras. I’m convinced this is one area that makes this company such a go-to for the 35+ women yogis. You can look gorgeous, flattering AND “appropriate.”

Equator Tank now $34.99
Bella Tank C-DD now $29.99-$59.99 (depending on color)
Sodha Tank $29.99-59.00

Scroll down to row 6 to see all above styles***Athleta has a “Don’t Sweat-It Guarantee.” That means you can try out the performance of your new yoga top or yoga shorts, and if it’s not up to snuff, you can return it. Agh. Go ahead and try it!***

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