Top causes of stress

biggest cause of stress

Biggest causes of stress

The biggest causes of stress in today’s modern world are more than likely ones that have caused the most stress for many, many years.

However, there are a few new ones which are probably more associated with the times we live in.

Levels of stress and anxious feelings are increasing and although we all need a little stress in our lives to keep it exciting and interesting, too much can cause both mental and physical illness if left unmanaged.

As you read through this list think about which ones are true for you.

The Top Ten Biggest Causes of Stress

1. Financial worries
This is probably one of the biggest causes of stress and overwhelm for many people. Although generations have always worried about earning enough to look after their families etc. the modern world has put more pressure on finances leading to an increase in anxious feelings surrounding this issue. Money can often be a great stressor between spouses and within families.
  • Managed your money and avoid too much debt.
  • Set up a monthly budget and stick to it.
  • Keep credit card use to the minimum
  • Spend only what you can afford
2. Moving
Whether buying a house for the first time or simply moving, there is no easy way to do it without causing some stress and worry. It can take months of planning and expense to secure your home and then when you finally get the keys, you have all the overwhelm of the actual move and all the stress that this can bring.
  • Do as much planning ahead as possible. List all possible eventualities and make contingency plans to ease any problems.
  • Make sure you can afford your new home, do your sums and seek advice from as many people as possible before you take the final plunge.
3. Personal Relationships
We all need other people in our lives and family life can be very rewarding. However there are times where family and personal relationships can be a major source of stress. Such as:

Marriage problems,
Violent partners,
Disruptive children,
Parent breakups
  • When family or relationship problems become a source of stress there is only one main course of action which will help resolve the situations and that is to talk and communicate with each other as much as possible. It really is good to talk.
4. Health issues
Long tern or serious illness can strike at any time during our lives and it will naturally cause us even more concern and anxiety. However at these times more than any other it is vital that stress is managed so that it does not exasperate the health issues even further.
  • Practice relaxation methods every day for at least 30 minutes.
  • Make time for yourself and find ways to distract your thoughts away from your health issues. Hobbies and socializing should be high on your list.
5. Bereavement
We will all suffer this at one time or another in our lives and it certainly will always have an effect on regardless of who you are or your circumstances. You can never fully prepare yourself for this eventuality but when it does happen it is very important that you take care of yourself throughout this time.
  • Look after your physical well being by eating well and getting enough sleep.
  • Express your feelings to others, don’t keep things inside.
  • Allow yourself time to grieve and do not bury emotion
6. Workplace stress
This is possibly number one on many people’s list of the biggest causes of stress. There are many causes of stress at work such as:

Loss of a job
Too much work and not enough time
Too little work and challenge
Conflicts with co workers or with bosses
  • A problem aired is a problem shared. If you don’t discuss your work problems with someone at work then a solution will never be found. Often constructive conversations with others can find ways particular stresses at work.
7. Work Life balance
Perhaps this is a problem which is becoming part of the norm for many people and causing stress within family life. Many find that they have to work long hours or even hold down two jobs to earn enough money. This means that they have little time for themselves or their families.
  • Always make time for yourself to relax, even if it is for only ten minutes here and there.
  • Prioritize what is important to you and remember that a workaholic needs some fun too.
8. Environment Issues
Your physical space and where you are every day can also be one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives. The thing items can all become stressors in our lives even if we do not realize it.

Noise pollution

Restricted space (on the train to work or in the office)
Concerns over world environmental issues such as climate change
  • Do what you can to reduce these things but also realize that worrying will only cause you more harm in the long run. Stay positive and be proactive where you can.
9. Life dissatisfaction
This is a cause for stress that we have created for ourselves or at least society has. Advertising has created a world where our expectations are much higher than they ever were. We should all be rich and successfully and famous right? But of course this is and can never be true and for many this causes them to lead a life where they feel like under achievers and dissatisfied with their lot.
  • Learn to lead a simpler more natural lifestyle.
  • Perhaps do some volunteer work and see the flip side of the consumerist coin.
10. Personal appearance
Another of the biggest causes of stress in today’s modern world. How we look and what others think of us has become a source of stress to many and women more so than any other group feel this pressure.

Weight issues and plastic surgery are constantly in the news as many try to be as thin or as beautiful as possible.
  • Learn to eat a healthy diet not a calories conscious one.
  • Keep fit and active but also remember to indulge yourself now and again.
  • How did you fit into these areas in relation to your biggest causes of stress?
Top causes of stress