bikram yoga and weight loss

Bikram yoga and weight loss

Bikram Yoga Weight Loss
– It’s Weight Loss for the Mind –

Bikram Yoga weight loss may seem easy with all those calories burned in a hot yoga workout, but sometimes those extra pounds won’t budge.

Here’s how to max your calories burned in a hot yoga class…and learn and practice some mindfulness techniques along the way.

Mind Weight Loss

Here’s the Skinny on How to Lose Weight doing Hot Yoga

It takes a 3500 calorie depletion to lose a pound.

A bikram yoga class burns about 500-1000 calories a class.

Do This:

  • you’ll burn at least 500 calories in a class
  • go to class every day for 7 days
  • maintain a diet that currently had you maintaining your weight (not a slow unconscious gain)
  • Result: One pound of weight loss per week

For faster results:

  • Exert more energy in class to reach the higher end of the calorie burn spectrum.
  • Reduce calorie intake by 200-300 calories/day
  • In this way you could safely lose a pound every 3 days for a safe weight loss of 2 pounds per week.
Easy Weight Loss With Hot Yoga
1. Your Hot Yoga Practice
2. Your Eating Habits
3. Your Mindset
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Calories Burned Calculator for Bikram Yoga

How many calories do you burn in a bikram yoga class? How many calories do you burn in a hot yoga class?

Calories Burned Calculator
Estimate the calories you burned doing Yoga:

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Hot Yoga Weight Loss Products

If you are looking for some serious support in your weight loss with Bikram Yoga efforts, I highly recommend the Easy Weight Loss with Hot Yoga Series by The Hot Yoga Doctor, Gabrielle Raiz.

Her approach is very holistic and not just about getting skinny.

You can read all about her DVD series here.

Hot Yoga Weight Loss Through AWARENESS

Half of America is looking for weight loss answers, and hot yoga alone isn’t going to solve all of our obesity and overeating woes. But one of the golden little benefits of hot yoga is:

Practicing bikram yoga makes you so AWARE of how and what you eat.

  • Ate a cheeseburger last night? You’ll feel it.
  • Coffee before class? It feels like half-n-half is running thru your blood!
  • Cucumbers for lunch? Ah, class feels like a clear flowing river….

The practice of hot yoga, daily or several times a week, starts to become the solid rock in which everything else is worked around. You start making different decisions in your life about how you behave, such as changing what you choose to eat and drink.

Your thinking changes from “I shouldn’t eat that” to “I don’t want to eat that.” That is a fundamental change in your thinking…one that will ultimately lead to real changes in your behavior and therefore produce the different results you want in your life. This is how awareness helps us identify behaviors that no longer serve us and then helps us to choose behaviors that are more in line with who we really are and who we are striving to become.

So, yes, you will burn a billion calories in class, and that may lead to bikram yoga weight loss. You will also lose pounds in water weight, for sure. But most importantly, the old ideas that you cling to that keep you at your current weight? They will start to melt away in that room and leave you with something new.

Are you experiencing serious Bikram Yoga Weight Loss?

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bikram yoga and weight loss