bikram yoga clothing

Bikram yoga clothing

Digging Your Bikram Yoga Clothing

Choices in bikram yoga clothing evolve as self-perception transforms over time in that very hot room. Suddenly you need new hot yoga clothes and find yourself at Athleta trying on hot yoga shorts. I invite you to shed old ideas and experience a new you.

You can technically wear anything to a hot yoga class, and people do. The womens workout clothes you already own will do. Guys can wear their mens yoga clothes. I once saw a lady wearing a full-on bathing suit you’d wear for swimming laps.

But once you experience the look, feel, and wicking magic of “real” hot yoga clothes, it’s hard to go back.

Good Bikram Yoga clothes accomplishes the following:

  • Keeps all them important parts covered and in place as you contort. You shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious or readjust clothing.
  • Wicks moisture. Your yoga clothes will be wet at the end of class, but you won’t feel thick and clammy (like swimming in jeans)
  • Makes you feel like a bikram yoga rock star: You look in the mirror and think, “Yeah! That’s me, and I’m doing this!”
  • Can withstand the rigors of frequent washing and still hold its color and form well

There are many great brands and great places to shop for yoga clothes.

The Queens of Bikram Yoga Clothing

lululemon athletica

New gorgeous yoga top you are checking out? Good chance it’s lululemon. Lululemon is the big time yoga wear queen specializing in sweaty workouts. All of their workout apparel is excellent, but they do have a special section of hot yoga shorts and hot yoga tops just for us. And the thick hoodies to pull on after workout? Irresistable. 

Bikram Yoga Clothing at Lululemon


I never felt passionate about athleta’s yoga wear until I tried it on. Just try on an Athleta top and you’ll know exactly what I mean. High quality, great coverage, stupendous bazoomba support. If you are finding hot yoga in the middle of life, and want to experience superior quality womens activewear, start here.


Canada does it again. Solid, sturdy, clean…these workout clothes impress and withstand. Tonic caters to all disciplines of yoga, but you will find their tops and yoga shorts in the lobbies of the best Bikram Yoga studios. Tonic is my first love and my number one “outfit” in rotation.

Shakti Activewear

Shakti specializes in bikram yoga clothing, making it unique in the market. When I think Shakti, I think “hottie.” Strappy, skimpy, sexy…if you are 20 and a bikram hottie…start here. Someday I’ll wear those cute cinched shorts, too.

Mika Yoga Wear

If Shakti is the bikram yoga clothes “hottie,” then Mika is her even more sexy, pole dancing sister. Mika’s flavor is where dance and yoga meet…keeping you in place and looking absolutely fabulous while you move.

prAna Clothing

Prana can do hot yoga clothes – check out the savari bra top and audrey shorts – oh, but they can also do so much more. What yoga-inspired woman wouldn’t want to live in prAna? Sign me up. We have dedicated an entire page to

PrAna styles that work for bikram yoga workouts.

Hard Tail Yoga

This is high-end yoga clothing that can be found in nice places like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. Mostly styles of Hard Tail Yoga Pants are long – which are perfect if you are wanting the coverage. But if it’s getting hot in here, check out their booty shorts and rollover long short styles.

Phat Buddha Designer Yogawear

phat buddha designer yogawear bright yoga tops

Durable, made in the USA and affordable designer yoga wear that feels like shopping for candy. The sparkly yoga halter top and the range of mens yoga clothes options stand out. Click on above link for full description of this insatiable line of hot yoga wear.

bikram yoga clothing