bikram yoga video

Bikram yoga video

Need a Bikram Yoga Video?

Practice at home with a Bikram Yoga Video.. your options are laid out here!

My job is to scour the internet for Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga information and resources, and then bring that information to you.

There aren’t a ton of Bikram Yoga specific videos out there – mostly because Bikram Choudhury himself hasn’t yet created and marketed one…

…and a hot yoga DVD itself can’t heat up your room to 105!


There is one Hot Yoga Video out there that sells like hotcakes.

The Best Bikram Yoga Video / DVD on the Market

I have found it. And it’s good.

The Hot Yoga Doctor is a resource all Bikram Yogis should know about. It’s the kind of tool that helps you really advance your practice, in the privacy of your own home.

The Hot Yoga Master Class Package is the whole enchilada. You get a huge hot yoga manual with vivid illustrations, a class DVD, an audio-only class on CD…plus they throw in bonuses like a free MP3 class. Don’t get overwhelmed by the huge long salespage….click here to skip over the sales page and go straight to the product page.

They offer tons of different packages and products, some with speciality videos such as Easy Weight Loss with Hot Yoga.

I like the combination of having the DVD playing while referencing the book. I like to go slow and break down the poses at home – something I can’t do in class.

Send me your feedback on this product. I would love to hear what you think of it!

The Best Bikram Yoga Video RESOURCE

I could spend a bunch of time compiling all the best Bikram Yoga clips from YouTube, ABC News, etc…but, I would be recreating the wheel.

Luckily, an awesomely thorough hot yoga video resource has already been created, and we have Mark Sanchez to thank.

I don’t know how he found all this stuff – interviews, pose tutorials, Bikram Yoga in the news, Asana Championship footage….but it’s all here.

This way into the video vault!

The Best “Not Hot” Yoga Videos

My Yoga Online

I’m just lovin’ on this site right now.  My Yoga Online / gaia TV (formerly gaiamTV) is a great site with a variety of yoga videos.

Currently I’m way up in the mountains of California with nothing but an AT&T Mifi, and I’m still rolling out my yoga mat in the kitchen every morning. I even took a Pilates class.

They don’t have Bikram Yoga (understandably since the 26-posture sequence is patented and it’s tough to create the heated Bikram environment) BUT they do offer a hot yoga lover lots of other choices to explore and get your yoga on!


Check out all Yoga Videos, not just the hot ones.

bikram yoga video