cotton yoga mats

Cotton yoga mats

Cotton Yoga Mats for Bikram Yoga

100% cotton yoga mats have been used in India for centuries and make a GREAT hot yoga mat choice.  They are natural and work better when wet!

NOTE: **In searching “cotton yoga mats” one will find soft yoga mats that almost look like a thin futon, and also brightly colored mats that look more like rugs. For Bikram, we are recommending the latter. The former futon-like mats aren’t as washable and are for light restorative yoga.

The best selection of online cotton yoga mats / mysore practice rugs can be found at Barefoot Yoga Company’s Mysore Rugs page.

In yoga we are trained to watch our thoughts, not judge them, let them pass through, right?

Well, this is a glimpse into my thoughts as I consider the pros and cons of the cotton yoga mat.

Thought 1: Cool! It’s so natural! Great idea!

Thought 2: What!? It looks like something on the floor of my dorm room!

Thought 1: Easy. It’s 100% cotton – a real eco mat, not one of these eco market-driven designs.

Thought 2: I know, but it’s certainly not sleek. You look like a hippy freak in class with that!

Thought 1: Please! What do you think they have always used in India? An $80 synthetic mat? And if could you get out of your material-oriented mind for a moment you would realize that these things work even better…the original non-slip, machine washable bikram yoga mat.

Thought 2: Slinking away….

Wow, that was fun. Guess you get to see a little into my biases on that one. 🙂

So here’s the real skinny when considering cotton yoga mats:

For Bikram Yoga, it is recommended that you use one of these cotton yoga rugs over a sticky mat, otherwise it does slip on the floor a bit. (Because of that, I wasn’t sure if I should place these mats under “mats” or “towels”…it acts more as a towel in hot yoga, but it is considered more of a practice mat in yoga overall.)

Cotton rugs work better when damp. This is what makes them an ideal bikram yoga mat. You can either moisten your mat at the hand and feet points before class, or roll out your rug as soon as you start perspiring.

Mysore Practice Rugs can be washed in cold water after every class. It is recommended that they be aired dry – which works out well because then you can often take your damp mat to class – helping you to have excellent traction early in class.

Cotton Practice Rugs run in the $30-40 range, a great value considering their beauty and durability. Cheaper than Yogitoes.

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cotton yoga mats