hard tail yoga

Hard tail yoga

The Hard Tail Yoga Pants Guide
for Bikram Yoga

Hard Tail Yoga Clothes are known for their perfect fit, style and ultrasmooth luxury knit.

So what style of Hard Tail Yoga Pants are best as bikram yoga clothing?

Meet the Hard Tail Bootie Shorts and the Hard Tail Capri.

The folks at I Dig Bikram Yoga have spies out in local hot yoga classes. We are always on the prowl to find great new bikram yoga clothing.  (P.S.  If you want to be one of our “spies” send us an email)

Yesterday in class, the main writer here at I-Dig spotted a new pair of sexy yoga shorts that didn’t have an obvious logo. (Usually upon further investigation she finds a Shakti, Lululemon or Tonic logo on the thigh of her Under-Investigation-Yogi) She had to find out what kind of yoga shorts these were, so she asked the owner.

The Conversation Went Like This

“Oh, MY. I love those hot yoga shorts. Could you tell me what kind they are?”

Scrunches up her nose in that modest-don’t-hate-me-because-I-own-something-so-awesome kind of way and says,

“They are Hard Tail. They are my FAVORITE.”

She is softly stroking them and patting them down.

“They were a gift. They are so comfortable. They are my FAVORITE pair. They are AWESOME.”

“Wow. I’ll have to get some. Thanks.”

And she goes back to the office, researches where you can get them, and creates this information page for you.

Here’s the Scoop on the Company

Hard Tail Forever is a company founded in Santa Monica in 1991.

Always made in the USA.

Styles have a biker, tattoo-inspired, fighter pilot and inner rockstar feel.

Hard Tail Clothing includes a top selling classic roll down pant and a high end denim line. Lots of the Hard Tail clothes and tops have swirly fruity-colored and tie-dyed prints.

The Hard Tail Yoga Clothing is much simpler in style – mostly just black – but the enduring cut and shape still flatters any body.

What Hard Tail Yoga Clothes to wear to Hot Yoga Class?

If you prefer yoga shorts for class, try The Hard Tail ‘Bootie’ Shorts.

If you prefer longer yoga pants and want capris for class, try
The Hard Tail Capri. Capri’s are my personal favorite for a variety of reasons but shorts will definitely keep you cooler.

Happy practicing as you keep working on creating your own hard tail. Wink.


hard tail yoga