manduka yoga mats

Manduka yoga mats

Manduka Yoga Mats are some of the Best Yoga Mats for Bikram Yoga

Manduka Yoga Mats are currently the “It Girl”s of yoga sticky mats.

This hip and conscious company offers some of the best yoga mats for Bikram Yoga, as well as the Black Mat PRO – the thickest, most popular and best yoga mat on the market.

Whatever kind of Bikram Yoga Mat you seek, and whatever is your“Bikram Yogi Style” there is a Manduka Yoga Mat for you.

Not the cheapest of the bikram yoga mats, for sure, but certainly among the most durable, most functional and most comfortable.

The $94 price tag on the Manduka Black Mat PRO may cause a bikram yogi to start to sweat (outside the studio!) but we can assure you this is the only hot yoga mat you will ever have to purchase. This extra thick yoga mat will last you a lifetime.

Note: for $10 more, you can order a limited edition Manduka PRO mat in a different color other than black. (They’ve got Henry Ford beat!) What I found confusing is that in order to stay with their “Black Mat” theme and reputation, they have called their purple mat “Black Magic.”

Chances are your bikram yoga teacher owns one of these eco friendly yoga mats. Pay attention to the hot yoga clothes and bikram yoga mat she chooses. The more one practices, the more one understands what yoga gear works best in the hot yoga studio…and one day you may find yourself gravitating to better products.

Like Manduka Yoga Mats.

Manduka’s website gives a clear, easy-to-read guide and comparison chart of their travel yoga mat, eco yoga mat and thick yoga mat options.

I-Dig-Bikram-Yoga has a page describing how Cotton Yoga Rugs as an excellent choice for bikram yoga practitioners ….especially the extra sweaty ones. We add Manduka’s Shama Yoga Rug to this list of choices – and note that it is one of the grippier and prettier of the choices.

Lastly, reviews all over the internet report that a Manduka non slip yoga mat is most functional and most slip-resistant when paired with one of it’s own – a Manduka Mat towel.

Falling in love with bikram yoga and ready to commit to hot yoga luxury? Start your own little bikram yoga kit and pair a Black Mat PRO with and eQua HOT Yoga Towel. It’s hot yoga heaven. You will never have to shop again.

manduka yoga mats