My Story

My Story

My personal story

Hi there

I wanted to tell you a little more about me and my health journey for those of you that may be able to relate a little more.

When I was in the fifth grade I remember my mom putting me on a diet and making me do sit ups and exercise every evening. Little did I know that that would be the start of my life long struggle with my weight.

I moved away from my home in Canada alone to Texas in 1996. A single mother in need of a little escape.

In 2004 I had a gastric bypass that was such a success that I could not stop from losing weight. I was under 100 pounds within a year. I was not healthy and medical professionals were telling me to stop losing weight. I had no control over it. I ate constantly and still lost weight.

If finally stabilized and I gained a few pounds. Several years later I was up a little and started to gain weight. I was at 140 pounds and as a family we went on a healthy learning drive.. we measured food to learn portion sizes, we went to the gym as a family. It was amazing .. and I lost 20 pounds very quickly. 120 was perfect for me.. although I wanted to be 112… I have now learned to not rely on the scale but how I feel.. at the time I was not happy with the scale.

I kept off this weight until the last 2 years. I was not healthy and had severe sleep problems that is still officially of unknown causes.

During this time I had been in love with yoga.. but without sleep and with medical issues I was unaware of I would get dizzy during class.. down dog had to turn into child’s pose.  A nice slow transition was ok but power yoga or any fast paced flow class would cause problems.  Adding heat to that mix was not so good but I actually did handle hot yoga for longer than I anticipated.  As long as I kept my water intake up I was less dizzy at the bikram inspired class I was going to.

My workouts took a turn in the wrong direction and pretty much got to the point of being non-existent.  While I can honestly say the saying “use it or lose it’ is very true.  I was tired, sore and stiff most of the time. My muscles felt weak and it did not take much to feel muscle fatigue.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with atypical atrial sinus tachycardia and periodic limb movement disorder. Two new medications in a short amount of time and being terrified to workout due to my heart made my weight rise rapidly. 

I started slowly getting back into working out again but hitting the gym when I knew I could not keep up, paired with ongoing sleep issues and anxious feelings made it a terrifying experience.  

I am now working to get my weight and my life back in control.

I joined beach body on demand last spring (2018) and was contacted about having a free coach.. how awesome is that right??

I changed my trial into a free account.. y’all the cost of one year is less than 2 months at the gym and I am loving it.

Now let me back track a little.

Many years ago I got my husband P90X as a gift per his request. I have done PIYO at the gym and personally tried the P90X yoga and cardio boxing. I loved them all.. not easy by any means but I loved them. PIYO is why I signed up for the on demand program.

Now less than a year later I have decided to become a coach and help others be accountable while holding myself accountable.

I use the on demand workouts and follow the nutritions plan while keeping my bariatric eating plan and rules in mind.

I am working towards my personal health journey and a life of freedom.

I would love to answer any questions you may have on these health and wellness programs and my personal accountability program.

Contact me for more information.

Chat soon all



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