prana clothing

Prana clothing

PrAna Clothing offers Bikram Yoga Clothing Options Inspired by Hot Yoga

Prana Clothing offers yoga tops and yoga shorts specifically inspired by hot yoga. We have culled out these bikram yoga clothing options for you.

About this Company and their Clothing

PrAna clothing is where yoga practice, yoga clothing, and yoga lifestyle meet.

Simply put, the folks at I Dig Bikram Yoga just can’t get enough.

PrAna is an ancient Sanskrit word for breath, life and vitality of the spirit. Not a bad company name! There is meaningful intention behind their products, as indicated in their chosen company name.

You also can feel good about supporting this company. They are the feel-good, conscious-type of business that we have all come to love. Think organic cotton, fair trade and wind power initiatives.

And PrAna clothing rocks the house. Their designs fit and flatter while staying cutting-edge and unique. Both the clothing and the packaging are inspired by nature: rich earth toned yoga wear is tagged with brown paper tags and wrapped in raffia and twine. The whole PrAna experience just feels…. GOOOOOOD.

So why PrAna for Bikram Yoga Clothing?

Because, in addition to the delicious outfits to put on after class, they have designed yoga tops and yoga shorts that were specifically inspired by hot yoga.

The Savari Bra Top and Audrey Shorts are the perfect choices for hot yoga clothes.


PrAna Savari Bra Top
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PrAna Savari Bra Top by kristen-mcleod-brooks featuring sports bras

Womens Audrey Shorts
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PrAna Audrey Shorts by kristen-mcleod-brooks featuring prAna

If you’d prefer not to wear hot yoga shorts and prefer longer yoga pant styles, we suggest:

Audrey Knicker 
Audrey Pant

They also have the Crissy line of PrAna hot yoga clothes – mix and match yoga tops and yoga bottoms made of Prana’s own moisture management technical fabric called Chakara. You get the double-layer moisture-wicking performance fabric that Bikram Yogis have come to expect in their practice, with all the form flattering shape retention and comfortable softness you’ve come to expect from Prana.

Mix and Match your Hot Yoga Clothes style

Crissy Bra Top

Crissy Tank

PrAna Audrey Shorts by kristen-mcleod-brooks featuring prAna

Crissy Knicker

Crissy Skort

See All Crissy styles together here


On the Mens Yoga Shorts page, we noted that an easy all-around best choice for bikram yoga clothing for men are the

Prana JD Shorts
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These mens yoga shorts are medium cut, fitted without being tight, and made for hot sweaty workouts. Easy. And I know that’s kind of how (many) men shop!


So although the Savari Bra Top, Audrey Shorts, and your chosen combo of the Crissy Bra Top / Tank / Shorts / Skort / Knickers / Pants are Prana’s sure bet for bikram yoga clothing , we have also culled a few favorites from Prana’s collection that would also be appropriate for your hot yoga practice.

Prana Womens Sophia Bra Top
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Prana Womens Cassidy Capri
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Prana Accessories

PrAna has some of the most attractive headbands out there. Thewomens burnout headband is a thick, soft cotton blend and looks good all day long.

PrAna Burnout Headband by kristen-mcleod-brooks featuring hair accessories

Or the Printed Double Headband that provides more technical hair control.

Prana Double Headband by kristen-mcleod-brooks featuring hair accessories

Other PrAna Yoga Products

PrAna Yoga Mats

Also noted on our Hot Yoga Mats and Best Yoga Mats pages, the PrAna Yoga Mats (and Yoga Towel) deserve big shout outs on their own PrAna brand page. Here are the specs:

PRANA E.C.O. Yoga Mat
Earth Cconscious Offering”
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  • lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • toxic-free manufacturing process
  • two-toned, two sided patterned surfaces
  • great cushioning


  • Absorbent and prevents slipping
  • 100% Polyester
  • 75″ long x 26″ wide


Oh sweet PrAna Clothing, we love you. Could write all day…but better stop and give some other bikram yoga clothing some attention!

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