yoga beginners

Yoga beginners

Why Yoga Beginners Should Consider Bikram or Hot Yoga

Yoga Beginners will find that Bikram Yoga, hot yoga, or hot power yoga are great types of yoga for beginners. Here’s why.

Why Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga =
Great Choices for Yoga Beginners

I am obviously into hot yoga.

But I am convinced that Bikram Yoga is a GREAT place to start for people who have never even taken one yoga class before.

10 Reasons Why Bikram is the Bomb for Yoga Beginners

  1. Bikram appeals to the Western cultural palette while satisfying our deep craving for Eastern wisdom.
  2. It feel comfortable to us, like a gym workout.
  3. Hot yoga uses heat from the outside rather than encouraging us to cultivate own heat from the inside (like in the more traditional yoga paths.) We Westerners are just warming up to the concept of healing and changing from the inside-out…and most of us still feel comfortable with a little bit of outside stimulus. In this way, engaging in the theory and practice of hot yoga often creates a bridge for Westerners to find their way to more inward-centered traditional yoga and mediation practices.
  4. You have the chance to get totally obsessed with research, shopping and collecting a new type of cute little workout outfits. If that’s your thing.
  5. You sweat like crazy, even if you don’t do anything in class.
  6. You are definitely doing YOGA…but there just are no beads, gongs or chants if you are not quite ready for that.
  7. It moves slowly.
  8. Once you are in a pose, you hold it. This gives you plenty of time to watch the girl in front of you and do what she is doing. Flow classes flow from one pose to another, and if you aren’t sure what is happening you can feel out of place quickly.
  9. Because it’s the same 26 poses over and over again, every class, beginners come to know what to expect and can start really focusing on learning just those 26 postures.
  10. It gives you a place to really start looking at, and challenging, your existing beliefs. If you need a forum to pull out your sh*t and really start unpacking it…this is your place, for sure. Standing in front of a mirror (in a bright room that is hot as Hades while wearing next to nothing and attempting challenging new yoga poses) is sure to get those voices in your head all stirred up. This is your chance to observe what they say, and then plan your attack to annihilate them.
yoga beginners