yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners

Yoga for Beginners
Your Guide to Getting Started

Want to explore yoga for beginners?  This is a great place to start…

We offer yoga beginners:

  • An overview of the best types of yoga for a beginner
  • Best studio classes for beginners
  • A few simple yoga poses for beginners to learn right here, right now!
  • The best yoga for beginners DVD
  • An introduction to beginning yoga online!


You have most definitely heard that yoga is good for you.

Everyone seems all geeked up on it…and it does have that positive-happy-glow reputation.

And sure….you aren’t going to turn down a new tool for chillin’ out a little bit are you?

So you googled it.

Well, Yoga Beginner, we have got you covered.  All the basics right here.   How simple is that?

Steps to Starting a Yoga Practice

Here are I-Dig-Bikram-Yoga’s steps to checking out beginning yoga, in the order of least investment required…to steps of bigger investments of time, energy and money.

  1. Browse types of yoga that are good for beginners and see if any speak to you
  2. Learn one very simple yoga beginner pose right now, and try it out
  3. Check out a yoga for beginners online class – free trial, no commitment, and see what you think
  4. Invest in a Yoga for Beginners DVD and do it 3 mornings/week
  5. Check out yoga classes for beginners at your gym, local YMCA or yoga studio. Many of free trial periods
  6. Join a studio

1. Types of Yoga that are Good for Beginners

I have so much to say about the best kinds of practices for the yoga beginner – including why I recommend hot yoga for beginners – that I needed to dedicate a whole page just to the discussion. Click here for that.

But in case you don’t want to click through, here are the yoga cliff notes:

  • Beginner Hatha style classes
  • Beginner Vinyasa style classes
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Hot Yoga
  • Power Yoga – like the beginner classes offered at CorePower Yoga

2. Learn a Pose – Right Now! Child’s Pose

This is a relaxing and very easy pose to learn and to hold. It’s calming, gently stretches the lower body, and helps with back and neck pain. It also stimulates the third eye.

  1. Kneel on the floor while sitting on your heels. Make sure your big toes are touching.
  2. Slowly separate your knees so that they are as wide as your hips and/or touching the sides of your mat.
  3. Exhale and lower your body down until your chest is resting on your thighs and your forehead is on the floor.
  4. You can stretch your arms out in front of you as pictured above, or place them along your sides, pointing in the other direction, palms up.
  5. Hold this pose as long as you’d like while focusing on your breathe.

This is a great post and has been recommended for times when you need to take a break from what the rest of class is doing.  Yoga instructions for both hot yoga and regular yoga have advised students to go into child’s pose as needed then begin again when you are able.

3. Yoga For Beginners ONLINE Classes

Although doing yoga with Patanjali himself in those early centuries would have been the bomb, we modern people are lucky to have…well, the internet.   Which means we now have… online yoga classes. Patanjali just never would have been able to believe it.

There are so many yoga styles and class to choose from with new ones added often.  Even if you attend a studio these online classes are great for the days you can’t make it for whatever reason..

Browse around the site and preview the types of yoga you may be interested in before you buy. You can try lots of different kinds of yoga for beginners without joining a studio or committing to just one DVD.

4. Invest in a Yoga for Beginners DVD and do it 3 days per week

Want a safe, popular and great basic DVD for beginning yoga?

Go with Rodney Yee.  Yup, you will see me mention this guy.  Recommended to me by my mother who has done yoga for as long as I can remember.

I remember first seeing the covers of his DVD’s and dreamily wanting to purchase it. (It might have actually been a VHS tape then) He is a gorgeous man with a serious yoga body (obviously!) to match. You’ve probably seen him while browsing yoga dvds – he has a long ponytail down his back and does amazing poses (shirtless, usually on beaches) that inspire and make you want to change your life.

He has a very popular DVD out called Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners. In a sea of yoga dvd options, this is the gold standard crowd pleaser. It focuses strongly on learning proper technique from the beginning, and Mr. Yee points out the most common mistakes.

This kit might go nicely with your new DVD!

5. Join a Studio

If you have tried the above and are ready to move on, or if you know you love live action only, then go ahead and jump on it. Find a studio and enjoy this big move in your life! I’m am thrilled for you that you have chosen to begin yoga!



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