yoga gift

Yoga gift

Bikram Yoga Gift Ideas

Hot Yoga Presents for Your Bikram Enthusiast

  • Here’s Hot Yoga Gift Ideas for your obsessed loved one!
  • We offer creative Bikram Yoga Present ideas and gifts for yoga lovers you may have never considered….
  • And all gift ideas are under $60! (most of them under $20)

The Ultimate Hot Yoga Gift Idea

Mat-Size Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel

Why is this such a great gift idea for a yoga lover?

  • • Every hot yoga person, especially yoga girls, has coveted these towels, but rarely will she buy one for herself. That is what makes it a great gift.
  • • They are so popular and loved that my sweaty, used, wet Yogitoes towel was actually STOLEN after class. That’s right.
  • • People will buy these used on eBay. Hot yogis want them so badly they will buy somebody’s old sweaty one to save a few bucks. Do your girl a favor, blow her mind, and get her a new one for Christmas!

Oooooo….just posting about this is giving me an attack of the WANT WANT WANTs.

There is something about anything pRana that really gets the gratitude flowing in us yogis.

Sheer delight AND endless flowing gratitude for a mere $14?

Happy Holidays to all!

Mat Strap

You picked the Yoga Girl for your office Secret Santa exchange.

There’s a $15 gift exchange limit.


Look no further than a yoga mat strap. Sweaty yoga people like these because we won’t have to stuff our stinky sticky mat into a bag after class!

Yoga Mugs

I know it sounds weird, but when you are really into yoga, you love to have your identity connected to such a cool practice – even if that is only the ego talking. So, this gift is sure to satisfy both her ego AND her spirit!

Her green tea awaits!

Bikram Yoga Phone Covers

What are you into? Hello Kitty? Angry Birds? Hot Yoga? You can get a phone cover for anythingyou are digging.

But even your yoga enthusiast hasn’t even conceived of such a thing yet – you are the creative one that has found it and will delight her with such a unique and personal gift!

(click on the case images to see them on amazon)

Meditation bamboo cover

This baby WON’T absorb sweat! That little fact alone will make your hot yogi swoon with joy…never mind the excitement of receiving a rare 2 tone yoga mat! (Comes in a wide variety of bright and happy colors.)

Possibly the ONLY downside to hot yoga?

The stink.

Luckily, there are products that turn our stink into happy pink. Mat wipes and mat spray are actually fairly exciting for a hot yoga enthusiast….really…but again, we would rarely splurge on this for ourselves.

Mat wash or mat spray is a simple and safe gift for a hot yoga fan….kind of like the equivalent of perfume or a candle that you’d give to a female in-law!

Other Great Presents for Your Present One

Anything from these stores/brands:

  • Lululemon
  • Athleta
  • pRana
  • Manduka

A Hot Yoga Home Practice DVD

Cool Water Bottle

Case of Coconut Water

Know His/Her Size? Try a Yoga Gift of Bikram Yoga Clothing

yoga gift