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The Perfect Hot Yoga Kit

What exactly is a bikram yoga kit?

Any kit for yoga is a perfect package that contains exactly THE yoga tools that you need for your particular practice. Often these packages contain yoga mats, yoga props, yoga straps and a yoga DVD, for example.

But since Bikram Yoga requires no props, an ideal hot yoga bag could contain the following items:

  1. Bikram Yoga Mat
  2. Hot Yoga Towel
  3. Water Bottle
  4. possibly a Bikram Yoga DVD
  5. Hot Yoga Bag
  6. Mat Spray

You can create your own bikram yoga bag by finding each of these items individually, buying them separately and then assembling into the kit you take to your studio.

You can get a better deal, though, if you purchase a pre-made hot yoga set from a yoga site. These kits are often a bit less expensive when items are purchased together in a package rather than purchasing each item individually.

The following are pre-made Bikram Yoga Sets that come highly recommended by the staff here at I-Dig-Bikram-Yoga. Check them out:

Kulae Hot Yoga Collection

We no longer see this sold as a kit but the items themselves are still a great starter kit.

What is included?

A gorgeous, soft, and beautiful set that is offered in a variety of attractive colors. Everything you need for a sweaty Hot Yoga class: a tpECOmat™, a kulae Hot Yoga Towel, and a kulae Hot Yoga Hand Towel.

This set is based on the Yoga Matters Hot Yoga Kit that is no longer available

A gaiam sticky yoga mat and a Get a Grip mat towel in blue.

Fushi Bikram Hot Yoga Kit no longer appears to available as a kit but the products are still more than worth it.This was another lush yoga collection including a manduka yoga mat and a hot yoga towel I-Dig highly recommends this set since it includes Mandukaproducts which are known to be some of the best yoga products on the market. Plus, the Mat wash in pine is a nice addition!

Stay tuned for our personalized hot yoga kits that will be available through our site.  We are planning for availability for the Christmas shopping season!

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