yoga pants

Yoga pants

Yoga Pants

A devoted page to obsessive information-gathering about yoga pants

Perusing for a new pair of pants for yoga?

Here is your up-to-date one-stop-yoga-pants-information-site.

An overview of the styles, brands, and fabrics offered out there.

We hold dear the standards – Lululemon, Athleta, Prana – but this is also the place to DISCOVER all the fantastic little sustainable companies offering well-made yoga clothing that (maybe) you haven’t heard of yet.

Yoga Pant Styles

Let’s first take a look at the basic styles of women’s yoga pants….

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Basic Black Yoga Pant

lucy Hatha Pants - Women's


Patagonia Pliant Knickers - Women's

Yoga Leggings

Lole Salutation Leggings


REI Sariska Knickers - Women's

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yoga pants