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Bikram Yoga Shorts

A Hot Yoga Shorts Resource. Your guide to Style, Brands, and Fit. Hot Yoga pants.

The piece of bikram yoga clothing that can make you crazy.

Crazy with envy…wanting every new pair you see.

Or they can make crazy you with self-doubt. (Which is crazy.)

I know wearing tiny tie-dyed hot pants in public isn’t for everyone…but there is a pair of sensible shorts out there for everyone.

Some are sturdy and black. Others are scrunchy and sensual.

Any way you like your short yoga pants, there are cute and reasonably priced styles for every body shape and budget. We show them to you here.

And when you find your pair, you will feel so much better in that 105 degree room!

Side tie onzie yoga short from evolve fit

What to look for in Bottoms for Hot Yoga

  • Made from a material that wicks moisture away from your body
  • Tight fitting – you don’t want gaps like in running shorts, because you don’t want to be exposed during all the bends
  • Comfortable fit – they feel comfortable physically, but also you feel comfortable and confident wearing that style*
  • They make you happy. You are going to be looking at yourself in the mirror wearing them for 90 mins. Pick a pair that make you feel jazzed.

What are the Most Popular Brands of Shorts for Bikram Yoga?

Here are the “IT” brands for Bikram Yoga. We’re talking the specialized stuff for hot yoga. They are what the Bikram Yoga teachers and most students will be wearing, and the brands that will be for sale in the hot yoga studio lobby.

Studio Favorites

  • Lululemon
  • Shakti
  • Mika
  • Onzie
  • Phat Buddha
  • Yogabela
  • Tonic (pictured)

Finding a Style for You

Most people who are beginning Bikram Yoga start by just wearing a pair of shorts they already own.

Then, as you get more and more into hot yoga, you may start craving a “better functioning” pair of shorts. Many start with some safe tight shorts.

With time, you’ll find you desire shorter and shorter, and ultimately a pair with cinched or side strings.

Your Basic Yoga Short

Style Description

Simple. Safe. Well functioning.
Black. Keeps your stuff covered. Flattering. Functional and can be worn to a wide variety of workout and yoga activities.

Who This Style Suits

  • You are not fancy, you just need a pair of shorts for hot yoga class
  • Women who feel modest

Brands That Offer This Style

  • Athleta
  • lululemon
  • tonic
  • Zobha
  • pRana

Hard Tail Bootie Short

Cinched Side or
side String Yoga Shorts

Style Description

It seems to me like all the instructors, and anyone who gets super into hot yoga, is wearing a pair of shorts like these. At first this style really freaked me out. They looked way too…sexy, I guess…for me at first. But then as my need for function grew, alongside my growing confidence in my own skin, suddenly tie side bottoms became extremely appealing. They work really well for class. They stay put, yet there is barely anything there. These are the high-tech sports gear of the Bikram world.

Who This Style Suits

  • Anyone who wants to rock a Bikram Yoga class
  • The cinched sides are surprisingly flattering for curvier women
  • If you are gonna get a flashy pair of custom-made gold lame hot shorts, they most likely will be in this style!

Brands That Offer This Style

  • Shakti
  • Mika
  • tonic
  • Zobha
  • Onzie

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